A Trip to the BBC!

Today we went on a trip to the BBC broadcasting house in London! It was very exciting to be at the hub of all mainstream news and radio, and to know that my favourite radio presenters were just upstairs!!!

We firstly saw the main room, which we were not allowed to take pictures of, so I found some on the internet instead:

Here we saw the news and weather being presented live! It was cool to be able to see live tv being recorded, and all of the sweeping cameras going around. We also saw Fiona Bruce (above) gathering her news stories for later that evening! 

We also saw the old Broadcasting House:

(not my photo)

This was a very pretty art deco building, built in 1928. It was built rather informally, because people didn't see how a radio building would be of any importance or use . . . little did they know!

Outside the building, we saw them setting up for the one show outside the building, which was very exciting. We got to see Gabrielle Applin's performance band rehearsing and getting their sound checked, for the performance later that evening. (which you can see here)
We learnt that all of the instruments had to be exactly the right sound so that they didn't drown each other out, this took a long time to sort out! We also saw the big equipment being brought out, which was very exciting . . 

Lastly, I created a little fun video of our trip:

Overall it was a very enjoyable experience, until next time!


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