Beginning To Think About My Main Task

Now that we have finished with our preliminary task, we are beginning to think about our main task. Our main task is specified as follows:

"the titles and opening of a new fiction film, to last a maximum of two minutes."

I am very excited to start planning this task. The first thing that we had to decide was the genre. My favourite films are predominantly sci-fi's (i.e. Star Wars, The Matrix, Guardians of the Galaxy, Back to the Future, Interstellar, Star Trek . . . the list goes on) with a few dramas dotted around (i.e. Forrest Gump, Submarine and 12 Angry Men). 

I also enjoy a lot of short films ranging from 5 - 30 minutes that my favourite small film-makers post on youtube. Particular ones that have impressed me are 'Rocks That Bleed', 'Strangers In a Bed' and 'The Forever Train' (and many many more), all of which I would very highly recommend if you have a spare moment. I also like to watch the directors commentaries which are particularly interesting and really give you an insight into the filmmaking process. That aside these films are all in the 'drama' category but also somewhat fantasy, and perhaps rocks that bleed could be a sci-fi. 

With all of this in mind, after much deliberation I think that my genre will be sci-fi. I also like the idea of perhaps having more of a dramatic storyline rather than an action based one within the sci-fi category. A post-apocalyptic situation or perhaps a world in which brain computers exist, particularly interest me, I also am a big fan of metaphors and hidden meanings, but I can brainstorm later!

Until next time!

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