Iconic Images of the Sci-Fi Genre

Now that I have picked my genre, my next task is to create a collage of iconic images from iconic sci-fi movies . . .

(from the top left, going across): Hologram from Star Wars, Back to the Future, Interstellar, Back to the Future, more Star Wars holograms, clever red pill/blue pill shot from The Matrix, a short film poster, The Matrix, Star Trek, Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars. 

From this collage I noticed that sci-fi films in general are very black and blue, with the occasional hint of red. They definitely appear to have very blue-ish undertones. With this in mind I might try to learn colour correcting skills for my main task.

Speaking of colours and colour correcting, 'Rocks that Bleed' a short film by one of my favourite small film-makers, is an apocalyptic drama, which could qualify as a sci-fi. Regardless, the colours are very distinct:

Because of the idea that the sun is coming to crash into the earth and end the world, they maintain a consistent red lighting set up throughout most of the scenes. I think that this is really clever and a good example of how colour and lighting can play a massive part in film.

I will definitely consider these colour schemes and overall aesthetic in sci-fi films when creating my own.

Until next time! 


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