Initial Thoughts On My Preliminary Task

Overall I thought that my preliminary task went fairly well. Before I evaluate it fully, I will give my initial thoughts on each of the editing/camera techniques set . . . 

Match on Action

I think that my match on action(s) went fairly well in the end. I had trouble in the editing stage because I talked after I said 'action' meaning I could not use the initial first seconds of the first clip. I also found it fairly difficult in the editing process getting the match on action perfectly precise, especially the initial door cut.

Shot Reverse Shot

My shot reverse shot went better than I expected, I only had to film each over the shoulder once and I feel that both takes were similar enough to string together seamlessly.

180 Degree Rule

This was the hardest to think about whilst actually filming because the more I thought about it the more confused I got. However I am pretty sure I managed to maintain it and not cross the line . . . 

Until next time!

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