Making Holograms

For my main task I have a particular interest in creating a hologram computer powered by the brain. I have had this idea long before I even started media, but had no idea how to execute it.

However, after fiddling around with the new version of iMovie over summer, I did find a potential way to execute it using just iMovie! Obviously this kind of thing can be easily done on software such as Final Cut Pro, however I don't have access to that at home, so I thought that I would try my best . . . 

I filmed the process using a screen recorder and I will explain the problems I faced after you have watched it . . .

So the main issue that I faced was that you can only reduce the opacity in 'cutaway' mode which means that the entire picture covers the original footage. This is not the effect I want, I want it to appear as a screen by using 'picture in picture' mode. To solve this I therefore created a very long fade and just cut it at the appropriate point because it did not have to be specific. This will not do for my main task however because I will need specific bits of the footage, I can't just cut it when the fade goes.

I am glad I did this because now I know that if I want to make a hologram I will have to deeper investigate different editing software and techniques to create my desired effect.

Anyway, here is the final clip that I managed to create:

Until next time!

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