Critiques of my Preliminary Task

Today we had Axel, a professional from the film industry, come in to comment on our preliminary task. He had been in the industry for 25 years and worked on notable films such as Star Wars: The Phantom Menace! 

The first thing he noticed straight away was the headroom issue:

He said that I need to fill the frame with the subject and not leave all of this dead space . . .

As I panned, there was one part where my subject was correctly filling the frame:

This is an example of what it needed to be like throughout the whole pan.

Next he mentioned how when my subject sat down, not only did I not follow her movement well, Mrs Williams needed to be more to the right so that you could see both subjects. This is because as Katriona sat down, Mrs Williams was cut off completely (there was also an awful lot of dead space!):

Finally, he mentioned how in my shot reverse shot, the eyeline was slightly off, and so I needed to go more behind the shoulder to fix this. He also said that I needed to pay attention to ensuring that each over the shoulder was roughly in the same proportion to the last, so that it doesn't jump:

As you can see above, Katriona's whole head and shoulders is in the second shot, whereas in the first you can only see a small fraction of Mrs Williams' head. 

As for the 180 degree rule, Axel admitted himself that it was confusing! As far as I know I think that mine was correct . . . 

Overall Axel picked up some very interesting things that I otherwise would not have spotted. I learnt lots here that I can then focus on in my main task. I am very glad that we did a preliminary because now I know what to improve upon! 

Until next time!

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