Sci-Fi Film Directors

As a film fan, I have always been very partial to the directors of films rather than the actors (most of the time . . .), and so when proposed the idea of talking about sci-fi film directors, I could not refuse! I have many favourites, but I will try to categorise them into the top three, that would be of use in my research for my main task. 

Directors that have had big influence me, and may show through in my final task, (but did not fit into this category) include: Wes Anderson and Richard Ayoade, both of whom have directed incredible films and have written/have had written books about their film careers which have changed the way I see film. Also Bertie Gilbert and Jack Howard (who aren't professional directors in every sense of the word, but do direct fantastic shorts on youtube).  

Moving on to the the sci-fi directors . . .

1. Robert Zemeckis

Zemeckis is responsible for incredibly noteworthy films such as Back to The Future (parts 1, 2 and 3), The Polar Express and Forrest Gump! I'll be honest I knew that he directed back to the future but not the other two! I can say that he has directed some of my all time favourite films! He has even won an academy award for 'Best Director' for Forrest Gump!

The work of his that I am most interested in for my task, is of course the Back to the Future Trilogy. For a 80's film I find the ideas and the special effects awe-inspiring. He was definitely next level, and he executed a time-travel movie excellently with, in my opinion, every scene being significant and the shots and colours/cinematography eye catching. I will never fail to be amazed by the special effects and the unique designs of the machines and the characters. I can definitely say I have never been bored in a Robert Zemeckis film.

2. George Lucas

I cannot possibly credit sci-fi directors without mentioning George Lucas, responsible for Star Wars. His characters and storylines are so creative, I mean, Yoda does not resemble any animal I have ever seen, he is a true creation of the creative mind. As is Darth Vader, R2D2 and many, many more. He is a true figure of the sci-fi genre and the special effects, locations and pure imagination of the film is amazing and must have taken such a huge crew and amount of preparation! I wouldn't know where to start! Not to mention the use of holograms . . . in the 70's!!!

3. Spielberg

And lastly, Steven Spielberg. Another huge name that nearly everyone and their grandparents have heard of. His work has inspired many everywhere in more than just the sci-fi genre. I remember studying him in year 6, I think we had to do a project on him? And when I found out that he was responsible for Indiana Jones and E.T. I was very excited. He was definitely the first film director I really knew about and I will always remember being inspired to pick up my dad's camera as soon as I got home when I found out that he started making home videos when he was 10!

Now I have talked about my favourite directors, I will definitely take inspiration from them in my main task, whether it be consciously or sub-consciously. As these guys were responsible for nearly all of my childhood film experiences!

Until next time!

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