The Perfect Preliminary Task

After Axel commented on our preliminary task, we set out to do the 'ideal' preliminary task. I found this really helpful because we got to see how we would improve practically and get his advice. It was amazing how many takes it took to get it perfect!

(me filming one of the shot reverse shots)

Here is and explanation of the perfect preliminary task and shots that I put together:

Overall, the shot reverse shots took a lot of attention to detail and we constantly had to compare the photos to get it exactly right. Which I did not do as specifically in my preliminary task. I was surprised to hear that on a real film set they often measure the proportions to get it exactly correct! I was also surprised and somewhat relieved that even Axel found the 180 degree rule slightly confusing and hard to maintain.  

To conclude, I found this exercise very helpful and I definitely have lots to think about for my main task! 

Until next time!

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