Unsung Sci-Fi Hereos

All the time we hear award ceremonies and film fans credit actors and directors in movies. And after dedicating a whole post to directors, I thought that I would dedicate a whole post to the 'unsung' heroes of sci-fi films. These are people who made great contributions to great shots in movie history, but are not as credited as the directors and actors who made that same shot.

1. Peter Suchitzky

Peter is responsible for lighting the Luke and Darth Vader Lightsaber fight . . . a pretty big deal! He said that he lit the whole thing from underneath and filled the room with steam to get such a dramatic effect. I think that this is really creative and the scene looks amazing!

2. Geoffrey Unsworth

Unsworth was the man that George Lucas originally wanted for Star Wars! Unfortunately he wasn't available, but he is responsible for great cinematography for Superman 1 and 2, and 2001: Space Odyssey. He created a whole system that studied the tones of polaroids to figure out the lighting for every scene! I think that this is very innovative and impressive. Lighting definitely plays a huge part in a film, and creating a whole system must have taken a while and been very precise!

3. Gayne Rescher

Gayne is the cinematographer behind the 1982 Star Trek film! Which has some truly beautiful sequences (such as the nebula scene above). The colours are just so beautiful and well created it just shows how big of a part cinematography plays in film.

I will take into account their cinematography and lighting work when creating my film. I will also not forget the problem solving techniques that cinematographers show, such as lighting from underneath, or creating a whole system, to get the perfect colour and lighting. I will definitely have this in mind when creating my lighting and colour.

Until next time!

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