Added Scene

Whilst storyboarding I realised that in order to fill the full 2 minutes, I may have to add an extra 'scene' that could be compromised if needs be.

The idea is basically that the surveillance catches him looking at the log out button, and people start to get on the case as he is pressing it. This shows that suspicious behaviour is highly monitored, and it also builds suspense. See the full synopsis here.

This scene was inspired by one of my favourite scenes in Sherlock, where Moriarty rather casually breaks into the Bank of England, Pentonville Prison and the crown jewels. There are particular shots in this scene that inspired me/that I would like to replicate in my opening.

The shots that inspired me were . . .

1. 0:17 - 0:20

I like the idea of having a huge 'office', where there are the screens of the monitors, and someone watching them.

2. 0:31 - 0:34

I really like here how unstable the shot is. It also doesn't show the policeman's face which is particularly helpful because I would use my dad, but I don't think he'd appreciate having to do any proper acting.

3. 1:28 - 1:30

I really like how the pan here goes really fast, and then slows down. This could be a technique that I could use when panning around the shoulder.

Until next time!

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