Aspect Ratios

Today I thought that I would explore something that I have never quite got to grip with . . . aspect ratio.

Whenever I see a good short film on youtube, I notice that they have been cropped and do not fit the traditional screen size, which gives it a more filmic look and better focus on what's happening. I decided to take it upon myself to learn more about this technique . . .

It's amazing how much impact aspect ratio can have! I had no idea that emotional, immersive and even size perception all come down the the aspect ratio of a film! After watching these two informative videos, I felt that I knew enough to try it out myself . . . 

I found that this technique actually ups the resolution of the video! I managed to get HD 1080p instead of 720p! Which was very exciting. Now I have to decide which one I want to use!

Until next time!

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