My Working Synopsis

For my film treatment, we had to present our (working) synopsis for our film opening . . .

The year is some point in the 2060's.

The protagonist is sitting in a room, highly monitored by some kind of robotic, futuristic, cctv system. This shows that the government is controlling it's people, there is no freedom and citizens are dehumanised. 

You can see clearly in the room that he wants to live around 50 years ago, where they had freedom etc. He does not appear to conform to this societies rules.

You hear a radio playing with news presenters having normal mundane conversation, when a news flash comes about. They say that you should turn it up and you see the protagonist trying to resist turning it up, but can't, showing the government controls them on the inside also. 

The news flash tells of a lady, who after 10 years of scrolling through the settings menu on her holographic brain powered computer, found a log out button.

The protagonist seems unusually unphased by this information. Which shows he is some kind of hacker or something. A message on his brain computer comes up saying 'Pick up where you left of?' he agrees and finds the button!

Then you see him reluctantly/daringly reach to press it . . . 

. . . and cut to title screen!

(throughout have constant eye contact with the monitors to show that this activity is dangerous and there will be consequences.

As for the title I've have decided on Monachopsis (though it could change) I really like this as I feel it perfectly sums up my protagonist's feelings. And also most cyberpunk protagonist's feelings, which further establishes the genre, attracting the right kind of audience to it.

Until next time!

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