Psychographic Research

I decided to interview people of my potential audience, to see what psychographic they are a part of, so that I know what kind of people I am aiming my film at.

First I wrote my questions, I aim to find out what my psychographic like and dislike to see what psychographic I am aiming at . . .

1) What's your favourite film genre? 

2) What is your favourite movie?

3) Introvert or extrovert

4) Do you play video games, if so what is your favourite? 

5) What is your favourite website? 

6) How long do you spend on the internet (roughly) per day? 

7) What phone do you have? 

8) Who is your favourite band/musician?

Once I wrote my questions I went out and interviewed 3 males and 3 females who would be potentially interested in my film, and have a general interest in science fiction. Here is the result . . .

To conclude, I discovered that a lot of my psychographic fit into the 'Geeky' subculture, as 84% of my interviewees play video games, 66% owning iphones and 66% also introverted, or inbetween introvert and extrovert. These are all common attributes of a geek which connotes a love of sci-fi.

Therefore I can conclude that my film opening would appeal to those who play video games, and so could be advertised on the side of gaming sites and before gaming videos on youtube. I can also conclude that use of highly advanced technology will also appeal.

Until next time!

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