Camera Settings For Filming

I have decided to film my opening on my DSLR (the Canon EOS 100D) which is a mere entry level DSLR, but has enough features and capabilities for me to be able to get good quality footage.

I watched this video which gave me a few basic ideas of the settings I should have on my camera when filming:

From this video I learnt that before I film I should ensure:

- I have a low aperture to ensure a shallow depth of field

- I should shoot in a flat image which I have set up here:

- I should shoot in 24fps which I have set up here:

- shoot in manual focus

- keep a low ISO so the image is not over exposed

I'm going to shoot in a flat image as the video suggested and am going to try colour grading in post production. Click here to see my experiments with colour grading.

Until next time!

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