Case Study: Vertigo

Thinking about how I can market and distribute my film. I looked at a small british film company which was originally set up for the film 'football factory', called 'Vertigo'. We will use this as a case study for our exam.

The company's 'mission' is to create and distribute commercially driven independent cinema. Since it began, they have produced 28 films and distributed a further 35.

They have distributed the box office hit 'Streetdance'. They also made 'The Football factory'  which was the biggest independent UK DVD of all time, and 'Monsters' which won many awards.

We will be studying 'Bill' a comedy film released in September 2015, distributed by Vertigo Films. 

It is based upon the hit children's TV show 'Horrible Histories' which was based upon the 'horrible histories' books which sold over 20 million copies worldwide.

There are no box office figures available currently, but it has had good reviews including a 94% rating on 'rotten tomatoes'. It will be available on DVD on the 15th February 2016.

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