Colour Grading Experiments

After configuring the settings for my film, and deciding that I would shoot in a flat image, I have decided to learn some colour grading skills.

First I took to the internet, and found an informative video on using colour . . .

I found that Blue and red/orange seemed to be the recurring colours in cyberpunk films, as I discovered here Which I will keep in mind.

I downloaded 'Da Vinci Resolve 12' which had great reviews and apparently is said to bring Hollywood colour grading to your computer! So I got a clip from an old video I filmed and just played around with the settings and watched some tutorials.

Here are the results:

My favourite grade is the top right, I think the other two are a bit 'over' done. I like the top right's subtlety, it brings the mood down and looks more cinematic whilst simultaneously keeping the realistic colour balance.

I will keep this experiment in mind when grading my film.

Until next time!

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