Equipment & Shot List

In preparation for tomorrow when I will be filming, I have decided to construct a quick list of equipment and shots so that I stay on track:


- Tripod: for panning and static shots

- Camera: Canon EOS 100D

- Microphone: For picking up diegetic sound without any background fuzz or drone
 (Rode Video Micro)

- Spare Batteries

- Spare Memory Cards (or a blank memory card in my case)

- Lighting (I used two daylight lamps as a cheap alternative to a softbox)

Shot List

#1 PAN - pan across garage to establish location

#2 TRACKING - track Tom's feet as he runs into his 'hideout'

#3 TRACKING/MATCH ON ACTION - follow Tom from different angles as he runs in and sits down

#4 CLOSE UP - show Tom rummaging through notebook to find article.

#5 OVER THE SHOULDER - show article so audience can read it

#6 CLOSE UP - close up on the article

#7 CLOSE UP - close up of Tom as he looks up at the window

#8 WIDE SHOT - wide shot of window as robot goes past

#9 CLOSE UP - close up of hand clutching article

#10 MID SHOT - midshot as Tom sighs

#11 WIDE SHOT - wide shot as robot goes passed

#12 CLOSE UPS - series of close-ups as Tom is forced to salute

#13 MID SHOT - mid shot of Tom holding arm in defeat

#14 CLOSE UP - Tom looks up again at surveillance

#15 WIDE SHOT - wide shot as robot tells Tom to stand to attention

#16 MATCH ON ACTION - Series of shots as Tom stands

#17 WIDE SHOT - robot leaves

#18 MATCH ON ACTION - shots as Tom is seated again

#19 OVER THE SHOULDER - Tom loads up screen

#20 CLOSE UP - Tom whispers 'let's get out of here'

#21 OVER THE SHOULDER - shows 'log out' button

#22 EXTREME CLOSE UP - hand starts to tremble

#23 CLOSE UP - face of worry

#24 POINT OF VIEW - p.o.v. of robot spotting him

#25 WIDE SHOT - transition to office set up where danger is flashing

#26 CLOSE UP - officer spills his drink

#27 EXTREME CLOSE UP - officers walking, engines revving.

#28 WIDE SHOT - helicopters coming

#29 POINT OF VIEW - transition back into room

#30 OVER THE SHOULDER - shows Tom about to press the button

#31 EXTREME CLOSE UP - hands as they tremble

Until next time!

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