Opening Credits

To decide my opening credits, I looked at a few films of my genre to see what they did. 

I found that neither 'The Matrix', nor 'Star Wars' nor 'Interstellar' seemed to have opening credits. Back to the Future however, has an abundance of credits in the opening.

I thought that I didn't need that many, so I consulted my teacher and we decided that we would credit the following, and change the names to fit the cinematic conventions:

- Director (this will be myself)

- Starring Actor (I'm going to change my brother's last name so that it's not the same as mine)

- Another Actor (I could use my dad or a random person)

- Producer (I could use a variation of my name or a random name)

- Music by (Here I will credit the actual artist that I used: Tom Barnes)

Until next time!

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