CGI - The Security Scene

I first came up with the idea for an extra scene here and I initially had very complicated ideas involving helicopters and security guards, which you can see in my storyboard here. 

These ideas were quickly refined to be more manageable when the filming and editing process came about. 

Initially, I decided to have the image of the protagonist that the camera caught, projected onto multiple screens:

I then found some free alarm sounds and decided to add them to exemplify the danger:

I decided that this wasn't enough, and so I got one of my teachers to play a 'security guard'. This went okay, however I found that the security guard lacked verisimilitude with his setting and it looked a bit out of place:

I filmed him again, this time asking him to dial and look more alarmed. However, I found that the 'dialling' looked unrealistic and the whole scene did not fit with the film.

And so I decided to completely rethink my idea, and came up with this:

Until next time!

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