Editing My Opening Credits

Inspired by 'Back to the Future', I decided to go for a plain and minimalistic sans serif font. I also found that 'digital' and 'pixel' fonts looked a bit too cliché and/or like a video game.

Then I came across the opening for Children of Men:

I was already planning to have a voiceover at the start, but then I thought that having the credits over a black screen would draw more attention to the voice, and be more effective.

This is the final opening that I have edited. I used a 'text to speech' program for the voices and then added audio effects on top.

However, I the sound quality on this recording was not very good as it was recorded on a computer microphone. I therefore decided to re-record it using a on camera mic, and in doing this I reviewed the dialogue and slightly changed it:

Until next time!

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