My Film Title

I was reading this article about the ideal film title, and I am having second thoughts about my title: Monachopsis. 

The article stresses that audiences are often put off by a title if they don't get it, and I should think more 'craft' than 'art'. I feel like my title may be a bit too arty, and commercially it would perhaps not be easily marketed by word of mouth as it is not particularly memorable or even perhaps pronounceable. It is also less conventionally sci-fi and I have seen in films (and in the article) that titles should imply the genre, which I feel mine does not, so I have decided to change it.

I really like simple and informative titles such as 'The Matrix', 'Divergent' and '1984' and so inspired by these I have come up with a list of potential titles, and I will have my potential audience vote upon the basis of which one would make them want to watch it.

What Film Title Should I Use?

Log Out
Mirage of Truth
The Reality Illusion

After this research, I have decided to go with the majority which was OFFLINE. I really like this title and think that it fits much better with my film and makes it more obvious to the audience what it is about.


Space Shuttle