CGI - Robot Green Screening

The CGI editing on my film opening has been challenging, to say the least. 
I am only half way through and this is the first major problem that I encountered, so I thought that I would record it . . .

After I showed my robot to various audiences, they decided that out of context, the idea was great. However the animated and cartoony look of it, lacked verisimilitude with my film. With the sudden jump to animation, it just looked 'wrong' and too 'two dimensional'.

So I went back to the drawing board with this feedback in mind, and experimented with another, hopefully much better idea.

But still, when I took this to a focus group they concluded that the effect was not 'intimidating' enough. And so after more deliberation, I changed it again in the same format, but this time using a more recognisable object for the robot:

Until next time!

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