Visual and Audio Effects That I Have Used

Throughout my film opening I used a variety of copyright free effects. I have decided to compile a list of all the effects that I have used to ensure that they are copyright free, and further to demonstrate what aids I used throughout my CGI.

In my ident I used this sound effect:

Throughout my ident and film (as the robot appears) I used these two free 'glitch' effects and their accompanying sounds:

For the voices at the beginning, the danger voice, and the robots I used: I then added voice effects in iMovie to make them sound appropriate (for example more robotic).

The first alarm sound is from:

And the second free alarm (used in the 'location finder' scene) is here:

For the 'robot security camera' effect, I used this:

Lastly, I used this location finder overlay:

All other effects (such as the hologram, the camera overlay as it catches him and the location map) were made by myself, using photoshop, word and iMovie.

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