Certificate Ratings

I decided to look into 'certificate ratings' for my film.

I found that the 'British Board of Film Classification' (bbfc) classify all UK films under these regulations:

U = Suitable for all

PG = Parental Guidance

12A = cinema release suitable for 12 years and over

12 = video release suitable for 12 years and over

15 = suitable only for 15 years and over

18 = suitable only for adults

R18 = Adult works for licensed premises only

I then found a helpful infographic that simplified these categories:

Using these two resources, I have decided to rate my film a 12A.

I thought that to add realism to my film, and make it fit typical cinema conventions, I will add the certificate that the bbfc show at the beginning of a film.

I was originally going to use this one, however when I took it into editing, it was far too blurry.

So I then edited this one:

I added the 12A symbol and wrote my films name in the box and this is the one that I have created:

Until next time!

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