Evaluation 3 - What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

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Here is the script:

film distributor is responsible for the marketing and publicity of a film. the BFI state that:
"distribution, the third part of the film supply chain, is often referred to as 'the invisible art', a process known only to those within the industry, barely written about and almost imperceptible to everyone else. Yet arguably, distribution is the most important part of the film industry, where completed films are brought to life and connected with an audience."
I have chosen to consider three distribution companies who would potentially distribute my film: 'Offline'. 
I have chosen companies that frequently fund low budget independent films as that is the category that mine would fall into if it were to be distributed. I will look at StudioCanal, Vertigo and the BFI.
Firstly I will look at StudioCanal. StudioCanal is a European based film distribution company founded in 1999. They distribute more than 50 films a year throughout Europe, and have most recently distributed 'Carol'.
Next vertigo, Vertigo is a much smaller UK distribution company. They specifically state that their mission is to distribute commercially driven independent films, which may be more appropriate for my film. They have distributed 35 films since they were created in 2002, most of them being low budget indepedent films.
Lastly the British Film Institute, or BFI. The BFI has a 'Distribution Fund' which in their words: "invests in increasing access to, and awareness of, high-quality British and international independent films in order to boost audience choice and to enrich film culture UK-wide." The fund has an annual budget of £4 million and you can apply to this fund easily through their website. 

You can apply for one of four options. Either a 'Big Audience' award (which aims to take British independent films to a wider UK audience), a 'Breakout award' (aiming to take your film to a wider critic and cinema audience), a 'New Models' strand (which is aimed at more experimental and ambitious release models) or a 'Sleepers strand' (which is targeted at films that have achieved an exceptional and unexpected weekend box office, and aim to take it further).

Considering all of these options, I think that my film 'Offline' would benefit fully from the BFI's distribution. This is because their distribution fund is easily available to any applicants, unlike the other's where you need contacts in order to get them to aid you, and they are therefore more exclusive and unapproachable to a new independent filmmaker like myself. Furthermore the BFI are aimed at British independent films with little awareness or access to, which my film would be, and I therefore think that they would be very approachable and tailored to my needs.

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